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Romantic jungle trip

Lay back, rest your eyes, savour the smells of the forest in flower and enjoy the silence of the Australian bush broken only by bird song, rain on a tin roof, and the wind rustling through the trees. Kingfern can satisfy all your imagination of the jungle, because there is no city bustling, but just has the miracle of natural culture. Walk through the jungle, breath the fresh air, and feel the beauty of nature. Only need to stay at Kingfern, and the jungle trip can enjoy 30 percent off.

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Defining Style Guides

Kingfern at Mooloolah is a luxury retreat for couples set amongst a towering eucalypt forest in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Your time here represents an opportunity to rejuvenate and reinvigorate in total privacy – a chance to disconnect, unwind and leave the city behind for the duration of your stay. More accommodation for more people can get more discount.

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Creating a Brand

It’s a good start and a wonderful day to wake up in the morning and enjoy a good breakfast. Kingfern is dedicated to your good morning words— beautiful breakfast, which lets you have a nice day. You will get free breakfast buffet for 5 nights in the family room.

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